Another back seat saved by Source49!

Anyone who has a dog has experienced it.

We realized very quickly that daily walks to our local forest with our girl Ruby required some kind of protection for our car’s back seat before the interior was totally destroyed.

We started with towels which never stayed where the muddy paws were and required almost weekly washing (too much work) then we purchased an inexpensive car seat cover that lasted only three months before the straps ripped. We decided what we wanted was something more durable and stylish, a cover we could always leave in the back seat.

We think we’ve achieved this with our cover:

  • It’s made from durable, water resistant polyester
  • Has a rubber mesh backing and seat anchors to keep the cover in place
  • Has side flaps to provided extended coverage
  • Has adjustable straps with easy snap closures
  • Has Velcro seat belt openings
  • Converts to a hammock style cover
  • Easy clean up with a damp cloth
  • Has style and functionality

Is a must have for dog owners, parents with small children or anyone who wants to transport messy things in their backseat.

So go ahead, let your best friend have some fun and feel confident your car interior will survive the ordeal!