Alphabetic ABC Connections Bingo Game

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An effective tool for people with dementia and alternative learning challenges


Alphabetic ABC Connections Bingo Game – Magnetic – 120+ Tiles – Four Boards

Engages children to think conceptually, out-of-the-box. Most images can be interpreted in two or more ways, allowing tiles to be dropped on several letters instead of just one letter. For example, a red star can be dropped on “R” (red) or “S” (star).

For ages 3 and up

Kids match the starting letters of images to their game boards. First person to make a straight line of five images wins. However there is a catch to make this more than just a game of pure chance: players can remove tiles from players that might be ready to win. This makes game play strategic.

Four completely different random letter boards.

The game can effectively be played in solitaire mode to teach children 2.5+ literacy skills such as learning their ABC’s…Comes with four boards over 120 tiles. Since the boards are magnetic, you can play anywhere include a car or plane without losing game pieces.


We will add a flag for your country if you are not from Canada, USA or UK (these tiles are included).


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